ABV Registration requirements

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In order to register for ABV you must satisfy the following three requirements
Australian Residency
ABV requires all volunteers to pass an Australian Police Clearance and the validity of the clearance requires you to have been a resident of Australia for at least one year. Additionally all pre-assignment preparation processes are conducted in Australia and require physical presence in country.

If you cannot answer Yes to the above question please contact recruitment@abv.org.au if you wish to discuss further.

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Electronic Communication
ABV distributes and receives all information electronically. In order to receive communications and prepare for assignments volunteers need to be able to communicate electronically.

If you are unable to communicate electronically unfortunately you cannot proceed with registration

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Relevant professional experience
ABV mobilises skilled professionals for short term business projects across Asia and the Pacific. 

Volunteers are required to have extensive experience (10 years or more is preferred) and a substantial part of that in a relevant field (5 years or more is preferred). 

You will need to select Occupation and Sector classifications in which you have expertise and/or can deliver training. It is not always necessary to have formal qualifications, but we do require you to have equivalent experience.

If you cannot answer the above question please email recruitment@abv.org.au before proceeding with registration.